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ISAF Mission, The Netherlands, Nederland, Uruzgan, Kamp Holland, Opiumfields-Afghanistan (c) Bart Coolen

“After the fight, I wanted to go back”

Soldier Bart from the Netherlands is a shooter in combat unit

The first time he ended up in a gunfight, soldier first class Bart (20) from the Netherlands will never forget. “It was in early April when we moved from the base in Poentjak to the north. We had already heard from other troops that there were a lot of shelling and attacks were being carried out with roadside bombs and suicide bombings. (meer…)

Bart Coolen
About me

About me

Bart Coolen is a photojournalist, based in The Netherlands.

He covered stories for newspapers and magazines in Afghanistan, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkana/Kenya, Sudan, the USA and most European countries.

Contact: (0031 6 53386113).

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