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Adriaan-burundi (c) Bart Coolen

The art of integration

Adriën Rugambarara (Bujambara, 1975) grew up with three sisters and five brothers in a wealthy family in a big house in the middle of the capital city of the African Burundi. At home there were servants and the family was driven around by a private driver. Father Rugambarara, as chairman of the Supreme Court, had a top position. A military coup made in the mid nineties that luxury life an abrupt end. Adriën was seen by the army as dangerous and was sentenced to life imprisonment. He was in prison for two years in harsh conditions. He was beaten and barely fed. During a visit to a hospital, he escaped his guards. He eventually fled to the Netherlands, where he arrived alone in the winter of 2000 without spending a dime. Since 2003 he lives with his wife Doris Kamikazi and son Ricky (10) in the  Netherlands. Adriën is youth coach at the local football club. (meer…)